How do you go about sponsoring a project?

Sponsoring a project with AICP means supporting the whole or a part of it.

It is possible to sponsor a whole project, donating the relative amount or subdividing it periodically according to a pre-established plan, or fund one or more individual items of it in the same way. This will help us to plan the interventions effectively, avoiding interruptions to started works or problems in paying staff.

You can choose the frequency of the payment (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly) and also make use of the bank domiciliation to make the operation autonomous and not having to remember to make the transfer.


How to give your support

  • Volunteer your skills (event organization, fundraising, web and social networks expertise)
  • Contact us to send aids for the disabled (in particular wheelchairs, we will give you directions for other specific aids), clothing (even used in good condition) and school supplies for the poorest children
  • Give AICP important contacts you may have of people who may want to sponsor a project
  • Spread the word about AICP to family, friends and co-workers
  • Help get more monthly donors for AICP

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IMPORTANT: every company that makes a donation to AICP in any form will have a space as Sponsor in this section of the site

Are you a private or a company?

 Sponsor our projects and give hope to the most disadvantaged children!