Our Mission

Our Mission

AICP’s mission is to implement socio-educational and development projects according to the method called Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) promoted by the WHO, rooted in the concept of inclusive community-based development, which provides for the improvement of the quality of life for the less privileged and for people with disabilities not only thanks to the satisfaction of basic needs but ensuring inclusion and participation in community life.

This is achieved by carrying out projects that offer the possibility of permanent educational and recreational support to less privileged children and adolescents and their peers with physical and psycho-physical handicaps in the selected areas.

our mission

In particular, AICP’s purposes embrace:

  1. Social inclusion of less privileged children and adolescents and their peers with disabilities contrasting factors that favour social exclusion and vulnerability;
  2. Promotion of a supportive community environment, enabling disabled and less privileged minors to take an active part in community life in order to change the overall perception in society about disability;
  3. Emphasize the roles and responsibilities of the family in the educational-training process;
  4. Facilitate access to inclusive education;
  5. Culture, art and recreational activities as a means of social reintegration for people with disabilities and less privileged minors;
  6. Develop networking activities both on the formal network (schools and local teachers) and informal (family and community level) in order to raise awareness of the importance of inclusive education, share some operational tools and finalize interventions in favour of the disabled and the less privileged minors.


The association creates partnerships with other local NGOs having similar aims giving support to the improvement of already existing projects or developing new projects together.

The association aims to liaise with and become a privileged local partner of international NGOs and organizations to raise funds for its projects and create new projects in synergy with them.

Giving Aids To The Disabled

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