Free Donation

Thanks to the commitment and affection of many supporters, AICP promotes the education of children and projects in support of their families and communities.

You can donate to AICP in several ways:

  • By Bank transfer
  • By credit/debit card


At the moment AICP doesn’t have a working bank account,
for donations please use Paypal


  • With Paypal

If you want to get information about the use of your donation and receive the annual certification of the donations made, please include in the bank transfer the following notes: the project supported, your address and city.

For the protection of privacy, banking institutions cannot in fact automatically communicate the data of their account holders to the non-profit organization that receives the donation.

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Continuous Free Donation

Fill out the online form and make payments directly to AICP by Bank transfer or credit/debit card with frequency and amount chosen by you. Your donation will automatically renew, until your eventual cancellation.

Can you donate for a specific project in Ghana?

Yes, an individual or company can make a donation for a specific project.

Donation To AICP

Thank you!

Help us donating for a child or a project, fill the form and become part of the AICP Family

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