Awia Inclusive Community Project

Awia means Sun in the Twi language. Awia Inclusive Community Project (AICP) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to carry out socio-educational and development projects on a community basis, in order to provide for the improvement of the quality of life for less privileged minors and for minors with disabilities and their families not only thanks to satisfy basic needs but guaranteeing inclusion and participation in community life.

Through international support we work with the local communities and the Social Welfare Department to provide children the opportunity to reach their full potential and social inclusion, raising awareness about the importance of learning and schooling, educating about a different vision of disability in order to produce a change in the perception of disability and handicap within the families and the communities.

Our Story

Born from the idea and professional experience of an Italian volunteer residing in the country and shared by Ghanaian friends, AICP was established in 2021 with a small group of committed sponsors and volunteers; we are now developing inclusive educational projects in Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana, and in the Volta Region, one of the poorest of the country, to support the less privileged children, many of whom have some kind of disability, and their families.


The mission of AICP is to implement socio-educational and development projects according to the method called Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) promoted by the WHO, rooted in the concept of inclusive development on a community basis.


AICP Current Projects

pga home

After-school/Community Youth Center, Kumasi

Opening of an After-school/Community Youth Center in the rural neighborhood of Buokrom Estate, Kumasi, Ghana, to give the possibility of permanent educational and recreational support to less privileged children and adolescents.

General-purpose: to give less privileged children and adolescents a reference place where to meet and play, do recreational and educational activities together.

Multifunctional Center for Youth Aggregation and Community Development, Have

Opening of a Multifunctional Center for Youth Aggregation and Community Development in the rural village of Have, Volta Region, Ghana, to give the possibility of permanent educational and recreational support to children and adolescents and to their peers with physical and psycho-physical handicaps of the villages in the area and their families, in order to allow a path of accompanying growth in an environment that fosters significant emotional and educational relationships;

pga youth

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