After-school / Community Youth Centre, Kumasi

Opening of an After-school/Community Youth Centre in the rural neighbourhood of Buokrom Estate, Kumasi, Ghana, to give the possibility of permanent educational and recreational support to less privileged children and adolescents.

General-purpose: to give less privileged children and adolescents a reference place where to meet and play, do educational and recreational activities together.

The guiding idea of this project is to activate an after-school program to counteract the failure in the study, the insufficient literacy level, and the educational disadvantage of minors.

The after-school service purpose is the motivation and re-motivation of “learning” minors, it is aimed at improving school performance, personal and school skills, working on the enhancement of one’s own self.

Multifunctional Disability Centre, Have

Opening of a Multifunctional Disability Centre in the rural village of Have, Volta Region, Ghana, to give the possibility of permanent educational and recreational support to physically and psycho-physically handicapped children and adolescents from the villages in the area, in order to allow a path of social and scholastic inclusion in an environment that fosters significant emotional and educational relationships; the Centre is designed to become a point of reference for the communities in the selected area as the promoter of educational, cultural and social gathering initiatives.

Unfortunately, traditional local culture is deeply rooted in stigmatizing disability, which is ostracized and sometimes actively suppressed. Nowadays mentalities are changing but there is still much to be done to educate families and the communities about a different vision of disability.

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